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Current Projects

Projects.ok.gov provides transparency by allowing public monitoring of information technology projects with expenditures over $100,000. 

Project Status Definitions:

  • Develop High Level Business Case - During this status we are working on the 50% plan for the project schedule, cost and resources.
  • High Level Business Case Ready for Approval - During this status we are seeking agency approval of the 50% plan.
  • Develop Detail Level Business Case - During this status we are working on the 10% plan for the project schedule, cost and resources.
  • Detail Level Business Case Ready for Approval - During this status we are seeking agency approval of the 10% plan.
  • Execution - During this status we are implementing the solution that may include: design, development, installation, configuration, testing, implementation, training, etc.

Current Cost Health Definitions:

  • Red = Estimated cost or schedule to complete is greater than or equal to 20% more than the Original Total Forecast Cost or Schedule.
  • Yellow = Estimated cost or schedule to complete is greater than or equal to 10% and less than 20% more than the Original Total Forecast Cost or Schedule.
  • Green = Estimated cost or schedule to complete is less than 10% of the Original Total Forecast Cost or Schedule.

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Project No.:Project Name:Status:Public Description Total Forecast Cost: Planned Finish Period:Current Schedule Health:Current Cost Health:
33792OU Tulsa (Schusterman)ExecutionDepartment of Transportation - OU Tulsa Schusterman Conduit & Fiber build to ODOT Cabinet$ 318,707.00May 2018RedGreen
39132ODAFF - Online ServicesExecutionProcurement and implementation of a web-based vendor solution for an Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry (ODAFF) online services system. This system will be a proven, vendor-hosted, web-based technical solution that provides complete online services for a wide range of licenses, permits, certifications, tonnage fees, inspections, vehicle maintenance logs, employee daily activity logs, notices of intent/termination, complaints, and registration management functions to support ODAFF’s various lines of business. The resultant web-based solution will be required to serve and manage approximately 95,830 licensees, permits, and inspections of various types.$ 553,294.00June 2019RedGreen
39557CareerTech Big Data System (CTIMS)ExecutionOklahoma Career Technology Education - This is a project is to transition support and maintenance of the current CareerTech Big Data System to the Office of Management and Enterprise Services Application Development team.$ 3,923,336.00July 2018RedRed
40298Windows 2003 UpgradeExecutionOffice of Management and Enterprise Services - The project is the upgrade of all Windows 2003 servers to Windows 2012 & 2012.$ 5,941,795.00July 2018RedGreen
41328Statewide Office 365 DeploymentExecutionOffice Management Enterprise Services - The project is deployment of Email, User files, Outlook Client, and Department Drives to a cloud based Microsoft solution. The scope of this project includes OMES and all state agencies that are already consolidated or listed on consolidate for FY 2015 and FY 2016.$ 10,725,969.00October 2018RedGreen
41771Oklahoma’s Statewide Secure Connection to HPExecutionOffice of Management Enterprise Services - This project will establish an enterprise virtual point-to-point connection through the use of dedicated connections, virtual tunneling protocols, or traffic encryptions between State of Oklahoma Office of Management Enterprise Services – Information Service Division (OK-State) and Hewlett – Packard (HP) Data Centers.$ 199,747.00May 2018RedGreen
42284ODOT Content Management SystemExecutionDepartment of Transportation - Purchase of a content management system to catalog documents for construction projects.$ 191,100.00June 2019GreenGreen
43295DPS - DPS Modernization/RealIDExecutionDepartment of Public Safety - Project will be to perform modernization on 4 Core areas: Driver License Services; Legal; Records Management and Driver's Compliance per HB1845. This will migrate the areas to a Server Based Customer Based System with dashboards in lieu of a Mainframe.$ 10,039,958.00March 2020GreenGreen
43904Regulatory PortalExecutionThe Petroleum Storage Tank Division of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission wants to expand the online unit cost portal for licensed remediation consultants for all licensees to include registration & renewal; online scheduling; and indemnity fund applications..$ 250,162.00June 2018RedGreen
47356OSDH - Public Health Investigation and Disease Detection of Oklahoma(PHIDDO) Outbreak Management System (OMS)Develop High Level Business CaseOklahoma State Department of Health - Implement an Outbreak Management System (OMS) module into the Public Health Investigation and Disease Detection of Oklahoma (PHIDDO) system for investigation and management of public health events and outbreaks. OMS will enhance the PHIDDO system by adding functionality to rapidly define characteristics of an event or outbreak and capture lab results, symptoms, exposure and risk related information for persons associated with the outbreak.$ 508,225.00September 2018GreenRed
48244Auditing and Compliance ToolExecutionAuditing and Compliance Tool$ 280,550.00June 2018RedGreen
49060DHS CSS Interactive Electronic Documents PortalExecutionOklahoma Department of Human Services - Child Support Services is looking for a solution that will allow them to conduct business electronically with all registered employers and insurance providers.$ 137,500.00June 2018GreenRed
49544OKPSBN - (Labor) Oklahoma Public Safety Boradband Network InitiativeDevelop Detail Level Business CaseOKPSBN - Oklahoma Public Safety Broadband Network Initiative (Labor)$ 1,748,429.00August 2018RedGreen
49802DHS DDS CCM Data Interfaces MigrationExecutionThe Oklahoma Department of Human Services- Developmental Disabilities Services Division in an effort to improve the levels of service to customers will be integrating systems for Eligibility, Plan of Care, Level of Care and Authorizations with existing Office of Management and Enterprise Services and Oklahoma Health Care Authority systems.$ 717,460.00May 2018RedGreen
50636OSBI - Windows 10 UpgradeExecutionOklahoma State Bureau of Investigations - Project will be to upgrade all workstations to Windows 10. Benefits of the upgrade will provide better support for users with more storage and security features.$ 103,751.00October 2018RedGreen
55557ODOT ProjectWise Phase 2ExecutionThe Department of Transportation is implementing the second phase of its project collaboration system which will create efficiencies in communicating with external entities.$ 361,548.00September 2018RedGreen
56085Empower HRExecutionOffice of Management Enterprise Services – Human Capital Management Oracle Cloud Application Services Implementation$ 7,082,189.00March 2019RedYellow
57075A&D PortalExecutionInformation and pre-screening eligibility for Medicaid waivers for aging and disabled.$ 617,538.00September 2018GreenGreen
58504ODOT Esri ELA & Roads & HighwaysExecutionDepartment of Transportation - Purchase Esri ELA & Roads & Highways$ 432,694.00June 2018RedGreen
63048RBDMS Phase 1ExecutionOklahoma Corporation Commission's Risk Based Data Management System which support efforts to track data from oil, gas, injection well operations, and to manage environmental field observation and laboratory data will undergo mandatory enhancements and upgrades to meet federal regulations.$ 129,854.00August 2018RedGreen
63497OSDH Medical Claims Billing AutomationExecutionOklahoma State Department of Health - Software development to create a billing reconciliation process for Medicaid and Medicare and private insurance so county health departments can be reimbursed for services rendered.$ 296,801.00September 2018RedRed
65711CJIS Datacenter Network and Hardware Infrastructure - All AgenciesExecutionPublic Safety Department - CJIS Datacenter Network and Hardware Unification for all PSD Agencies moving to the CFE.$ 1,051,875.00May 2018GreenGreen
66603Microsoft 2003 Server Enterprise ModernizationExecutionAn engagement with Microsoft to lead the State of Oklahoma through modernization activities such as Discovery and Rationalization and Workload Migration Workstream for 150 servers.$ 1,018,583.00June 2018RedRed
66707Licensing Application PlanningExecutionThe Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES) is seeking a web-based solution, preferably on a cloud based platform, that allows state agencies to manage application intake, review, inspection, investigation, permits status, and compliance activities related to issuing various types of licenses affiliated with each state agency’s mission.$ 310,895.00June 2018RedGreen
66974DHS WMIS ReplacementExecutionOklahoma Department of Human Services - Replace existing Waiver Management Information System (WMIS) with the new WMIS Web-Based Application System that will track providers, members, service & care plans, and provide a repository of data for Aging Services Division.$ 662,255.00August 2018GreenGreen
68220SDE-Child Nutrition NSLP RewriteExecutionThe State Department of Education (SDE) has been working to integrate their Child Nutrition business processes and systems with a program wide approach, using current technologies. The goal is to identify Child Nutrition processes that can be reengineered from the current stand-alone "silo" process into an integrated Child Nutrition Program.$ 1,366,782.00February 2019RedRed
68852OIDS - Case Management SystemDevelop High Level Business CaseOklahoma Indigent Defense - Project will be to modernize the existing Case Management System. Solution will provide the availability and analytical elements of agency-wide case management information.$ 256,600.00June 2018GreenRed
69779OMES Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Program Processes DevelopmentExecutionOffice of Management Enterprise Services - Develop the OMES Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Program Process to track all devices and assets that are impacted by a configurable item from receipt to termination.$ 259,800.00June 2018GreenGreen
71239Special Education ReportingDevelop Detail Level Business CaseThe State Department of Education (SDE) - This project is to rearchitect the special education reporting$ 117,250.00November 2018GreenRed
71419ODOT Transport HostingExecutionThe Department of Transportation will begin using the cloud environment for construction projects software which will also provide increased access to software experts.$ 205,392.00May 2018RedGreen
72553New Accountability SystemExecutionOklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) - In June 2016, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed House Bill 3218, which relates to the adoption of a statewide system of student assessments and clarifies language around the school accountability system. Through this House Bill the OSDE developed a Task Force to work with varying partners to help determine what the key components of the accountability system should be. Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) also has key federal requirements that the accountability system must meet. This project includes the development of the necessary system collect, clean, analyze, and present the grading system to school districts, the public, and necessary state and federal reports.$ 2,585,400.00May 2019RedRed
74196TPA MigrationExecutionThe Oklahoma Employee Insurance Group is integrating a new Third Party Administrator to increase reliability and precision of processing of insurance claims and certain aspects of the employee benefit plans for State of Oklahoma employees and their families.$ 363,790.00July 2018GreenGreen
74922Capital Renovation Cable Entrance RelocationsExecution#N/A$ 285,300.00July 2021GreenRed
76044265-Little Dixie GrantDevelop High Level Business CaseOklahoma State Department of Education - Develop connection between Early Childhood agencies to develop data warehouse and dashboards.$ 113,838.00October 2020GreenRed
76663SQL Optimization for OMESExecutionOffice of Management and Enterprise Services - Optimization of current instances od SQL and IIS servers$ 139,035.00May 2018GreenGreen
77089OSDH - Health-e-Oklahoma - Meaningful UseExecutionThe Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) is implementing the state agency interoperability solution, Health-e-Oklahoma, to support healthcare providers submitting public health data by reducing reporting burdens and providing decision support related to immunizations. The public health data include immunizations, reportable laboratory results, and cancer case messages.$ 710,103.00December 2018GreenGreen
77245OWRB - Water Use Information System RedesignDevelop Detail Level Business CaseOklahoma Water Resources Board - Information services will work with Water Permitting and Accounting section employees to achieve the following goals: - build a new internet accessible, online web application available to water permit holders that includes data validation checks, limited historical water use reporting for each permit, and water use fee payment. - redesign the annual water use survey and administrative fee invoice mailing in order to allow water permitting employees to prepare and execute the mailing. - build new financial invoice accounting database sections to track invoicing, payments, and refunds required by the state water use reporting program. - incorporate tools and processes for providing Oklahoma water use data to the USGS. - map new data fields to geographic information system data stores. - redesign the water use section of the OWRB water permitting database to incorporate new data, data validation checks, and water use fee payment tracking and processing. - redesign the water use section of the OWRB water permit application and include new data validation checks.$ 265,336.00October 2018GreenGreen
780072017 OkiePROS Ad Hoc Enhancement - Server UpgradeExecutionDepartment of Public Safety - This project will be to perform hardware upgrade to OkiePros. Upgrade will be required to support application enhancements from vendor.$ 194,491.00May 2018GreenGreen
82157OST Webseries 5.0 system upgradeExecutionOklahoma State Treasurer - Migrate the State Treasurer's paper warrant generation and printing functions from the very old WebSeries version 5.0 to a newer and supported version.$ 234,193.00September 2018GreenGreen
95116OK Benefits - Phase 1ExecutionPhase 1 of the OK Benefits initiative$ 17,455,706.00December 2018GreenGreen
101651OMES Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training 2018ExecutionOffice of Management and Enterprise Services - This project will provide Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training in 2018 for students to learn the concepts of DEFINE, MEASURE, ANALYZE, IMPROVE, and CONTROL and apply them to selected process improvement projects that should be completed by June 2018 when the class completes. In addition to furthering a lean continuous improvement culture, the State will benefit from a focus of five process improvement projects that will provide immediate benefit to the state in the form of cost savings, cost avoidance, and improved process efficiency.$ 668,055.00July 2018GreenGreen
103103OMES-IS Replace Pulse Secure with Net Motion- PlanningDevelop Detail Level Business CaseThe Office of Management and Enterprise Services to supply a secure, cost effective VPN in solution at an enterprise level.$ 280,420.00June 2018GreenGreen
107086Planning_OCC IMS ExpansionExecutionThe Oklahoma Corporation Commission will be implementing an existing software application to perform functions including case processing; finances; licensing; scheduling; reporting; notifications, and customer self-service on line.$ 169,800.00October 2018GreenGreen