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Upcoming Projects

Upcoming projects are provided here to invite collaboration and discussion with the public and the State of Oklahoma vendor community. These projects may have the potential for bid, product demonstrations and market research opportunities.

New projects are presented quarterly via webinar to promote discussion and answer questions. 

  • See the schedule of events for more information on dates and registration.
  • Meetings will be scheduled for one hour.
  • The project's manager or owner will present the project.
  • Meetings will be held over Skype and limited to 200 participants. A meeting link will be provided in a calendar invite email.
  • See the FAQ section for terms of engagement on upcoming projects.

Projects open for discussion at the next quarterly event:

Project - Implementation of a Statewide Fax Solution

  • Implement a statewide fax solution that will send, receive, broadcast and manage the fax messages for the state.

Project - Statewide Managed File Transfer System

  • Implement a solution that manages and streamlines the secure exchange and delivery of data across a network with security features to protect data and scale the delivery of data and files to allow state agencies to connect to internal and external systems and exchange encrypted data using industry standard protocols and compliance requirements. 

Document Assembly Software

  • OMES Central Purchasing and Legal teams seek a solution to automate the creation of standardized documents by generating them from templates (boiler plate documents). The person creating the document will answer a series of questions that in turn will select the appropriate paragraphs and fill in the variable fields in the document.

If you are interested in providing a demonstration or would like to engage in a discussion with OMES on any of these projects, please contact SAM@omes.ok.gov to set up a date and time.